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Loophole in Law

February 26, 2015


Hello. I have been away too long from this blog and have experimented with a local radio show that was interesting but I’ve tired of that and will now try to be a better blogger! There is a loophole in the law that allows doctors with only an MD but perhaps no surgical training to […]

Buttock Thigh Lift II

September 16, 2010


       If you have had massive weight loss in the range of perhaps hundreds of pounds and massive hanging of tissue , then you should consider the Lockwood type circumferential trunk  lift which may require hospitalization and even transfusion.  In proper hands, magnificent results can be achieved in post bariatric surgery patients who are extremely deformed by the hanging  […]

Buttock Thigh Lift I

September 15, 2010


     When the fact that the buttock and thigh begin to show sagging skin and the reality sets in that  sagging skin plus-or-minus  bulging fat dictates that you choose not to be seen in a bathing suit or shorts, it is time to consider some form of suction and/or  buttock-thigh lift for treatment.  If the problem consists primarily […]

Facelift is different for different people.

September 7, 2010


Of course there is A great differrence from one person to the next in regardt o the amount of skin laxity or looseness, whether it is profound or has just barely lost some of the tone one had in youth. Then there is the relationship between how much of the hanging problem is skin excess versus […]

Restylane and Fat and fillers III

April 30, 2010


So…I recommend hyaluronic acid [Juvederm, Restylane or for quick fixes;Prevelle silk] for the superficial wrinkles of the lip area, mid forehead area, and the slight hollow of the naso-labial fold where there is a wrinkle and possible depression from the nose to the corner of the mouth, and very carefully at a level deep near the bone at the hollow […]

Restylane and Fat and fillers II

April 30, 2010


Radiesse is a filler that is made of calcium hydroxylapatite which last longer than the Hyaluronic acid products like Restylane. It may actually stimulate collagen [and possibly bone] to form and may leave a permanent change. For this reason, I only use this product down deep near the cheek bone [maxilla] for a midface type cheek augmentation. I would not […]

Restylane and Fat and fillers I

April 30, 2010


My take on the wrinkle line fillers is that the hyaluronic acid products [Restylane, Juvederm ] are safe and similar with minor differences in duration of product and neither are permanent and are supposed to last about 6 months, yet may last longer. Prevelle silk is another HA product that evidently is less painful to inject the wrinkle and […]