Buttock Thigh Lift II

Posted on September 16, 2010


       If you have had massive weight loss in the range of perhaps hundreds of pounds and massive hanging of tissue , then you should consider the Lockwood type circumferential trunk  lift which may require hospitalization and even transfusion.  In proper hands, magnificent results can be achieved in post bariatric surgery patients who are extremely deformed by the hanging  skin.  However,  most patients have had a more moderate amount of weight loss or perhaps have experienced just the shifting of skin and fat that occurs with aging.  Thus, the majority of patients are not deformed, but are just typical of many of us who become displeased with some fat storage problems and the mild to moderate drooping of thighs and buttocks. The patient with a flat  and deflated, saggy buttock and perhaps also a bulge in the inner thigh and saddle britches bulge are excellent candidates for the revised version of the Pitanguy lift.  This procedure combines fat removal by liposuction in the thighs with the excision of  loose skin and the clever in-folding of drooping fat and dermis [ de-epithelialized skin]  to augment the flat buttock.  If you can pinch a fold of  excess skin and fat along your inside thigh and across the center of your buttocks [perhaps 3 inches wide] this shows you approximately the kind of lift and toning you get. The fat and dermis in that pinch will become the  filler that is folded into your buttock to correct the depressed or flat buttock. The incision is hidden in the groin crease on the front side and comes  up onto the mid buttock at an oblique angle on the back side. The resultant scar is across that portion of the buttock that is covered easily by panties or a bathing suit.  In my preferred technique, I find that  the  same or similar principles of fascia suspension that make the Lockwood type lift work so well can be used in this more cosmetic friendly Ptianguy lift.  In my opinion, this hybrid version of Buttock-thigh lift,  gives my patients long-term satisfying results, but with the best hidden scar.

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