Buttock Thigh Lift I

Posted on September 15, 2010


     When the fact that the buttock and thigh begin to show sagging skin and the reality sets in that  sagging skin plus-or-minus  bulging fat dictates that you choose not to be seen in a bathing suit or shorts, it is time to consider some form of suction and/or  buttock-thigh lift for treatment.  If the problem consists primarily of a bulge of fat and the skin is taught over that bulge, you can consider just liposuction.  This is often the case in younger women. As women and men  age, there is  a loss of elasticity and tone and the skin may hang in redundant rolls down the medial and lateral thigh. Skin may also  hang over the  Infragluteal crease where the thigh joins the buttock.  This type of problem is more frequent over the age of 40 or after a significant weight loss.  People may store fat arbitrarily and have too much fat in one area and not enough in another area. As a matter of fact,  the loose skin in the thigh is often associated with extra fat in the thigh. However, the buttock itself often demonstrates loose skin without extra fat or even enough fat and begins to look flat and under inflated.      

      On occasion a flat buttock can be treated by suctioning away extra fat from a donor area [the thigh or elsewhere like the lower back or the abdomen]  and then, after careful separation of fat cells from serum, the harvested fat can be injected into subcutaneous tissue and the muscle of the buttock. This may need to be done on more than one occasion, yet it often results in a more firm and rounded and less flat and saggy buttock.  Thus, fat injections have proven to be helpful,  yet may need to be repeated and may never reach the volume that is ideal.  In any case,  please  avoid any silicone buttock implant since it is fraught with complications.    If  indeed  the problem of  significant drooping of skin is beyond the point where fat injections can make a real difference;  one must turn to a lift to restore: 1] fullness to the buttock,  2] narrowness to the thigh and 3] increased tone to both areas.  There are two successful ways to accomplish a buttock thigh lift. One is the Lockwood type procedure in which the incision and scar goes above buttock at the belt line.  The second, and my usual preference is the Pitanguy type procedure, which  hides the scar centrally on the buttock where the scar is covered by most two piece bathing suits.

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