Facelift is different for different people.

Posted on September 7, 2010


Of course there is A great differrence from one person to the next in regardt o the amount of skin laxity or looseness, whether it is profound or has just barely lost some of the tone one had in youth. Then there is the relationship between how much of the hanging problem is skin excess versus mostly fatty excess. If the patient has had fine handsome strong bone lines hidden underneath the aging face with jowls and nasolabial folds and the  hanging skin redudancy and fat accumulations just hides  those beautiful  and  fine features and obscur a strong jaw line and prominent cheek bones, then this patient will get at better result by simply tightening the skin and soft tissue to simply once a gain let the beautiful face shine through. The result should be young and handsome or beautiful.  If, on the other hand,  the patient always had a round face and the cheeks were not stong and symmetrical, they were not as pretty outside as inside,then simply tightening the skin will definitly restore a more youthful but less than beautiful face.  However, if at the same time we tighten the loose neck skin I also place a chin implant that perhaps for the first time allows the chin line to be projecting to a  possition close to the lip projection and the face takes on this desired beautiful relationship…the neck will look even tighter and less old yet the patient will be both young and attractive. The same truth is seen with an excellent rhinoplasty to treat the patient so that they are not just looking younger , but to begin looking more handsome or more beautiful than ever before. Other nice accoutrements to face lift are cheek implants or fat injections or , what I do mostly, is cheek lift which restores a full apple cheek of youth. It is to be expected that in most cases the forehead and eyelids may be rejuvenated and it gives a chance to put those beautiful eyes on display once agin as the centerpiece of the face…not hidden by skin-redundancy crowding over the lids . If it is the case and you elect to rhinoplasty, tyou can eliminate that great distractor of an inferior, or crooked, or humped  etc. nose. By having adjunct work of which a good rhioplasty is most valuable,  the face lifted patient has the opportunity to look and feel like a woman or man over ten years younger , who happens to have fuller lips, nicer nose and it is a great boost to ones psychology to look better at 50 n you actually looked at 40.

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