Restylane and Fat and fillers I

Posted on April 30, 2010


My take on the wrinkle line fillers is that the hyaluronic acid products [Restylane, Juvederm ] are safe and similar with minor differences in duration of product and neither are permanent and are supposed to last about 6 months, yet may last longer. Prevelle silk is another HA product that evidently is less painful to inject the wrinkle and has less swelling [so you can have it done at the last-minute before an event] yet it lasts only 30 days or so. It is common for a doctor or nurse injector to have each of these at their disposal and the preference of the doctor for one brand over another and the difference in cost may influence which one you use. As a patient, you may try more than one product and have a preference.  The important issue is that they all work very well to fill in the wrinkle lines especially around the mouth and nasolabial folds. If very very carefully injected with a very small blunt needle and multiple minute depositing of filler on each pass of the needle; it can be excellent in the tear-trough or depression causing the hollow under the lower lids. Many patients request a block of the upper or lower lip with Xylocaine prior to injection and then deal with several hours of a funny looking smile. Other patients tough it out with the philosophy of the pain being “the price of beauty”.